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Issue Number 32: First quarter for 2003

In this quarter's issue:
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101 Philosophy Questions by Martin Cohen & Ali YILDIRIM

Philosophy is an activity. It might even be thought of as a kind of thought experiment. Even though it is possible to memorise good philosophical techniques, these will not teach you how to philosophise unless... [click above for the full article. Flash]

  Clonaid vs The Man that Cloned Dolly the Sheep [Flash]

The Year Behind: A Review of 2002 [Flash]




The Sumerians: Who Were They?

by Smitha, Sanders & Cline

The New Age: The Age of Aquarius by Dr Jennifer Suix


[Click above for article. Flash]


An article referenced with photographs maps and various sources, which gives an introduction to one of the oldest, and some suggest, the 'first' civilization in the world [click above for the article. HTML]
Law & Politics    
Greece take over the Rotating Presidency of the EU  [HTML. External web article)

UK and the Human Rights Act 1998 [HTML. External web article]


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